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All tools are preset, measured and checked (runout and tool tip inspection) on the alfa-set unit prior to use on the CNC machine tools.


Machine tool availability is optimized; machine tool downtime is reduced to a minimum. Time for measur- ing on the machine is completely eliminated. The machine tools are fully available to perform their in- tended function of production!

Increased productivity

Test components and reject costs are eliminated, as production within the required tolerances already starts with the first component.

Cost savings of over EUR 25,000.- a year are realis- tic by presetting tools in a machinery department that has 2-3 machines or more. In addition, tool wear can be reduced by up to 20% ideally by presetting tools to operate fully automatically with image processing and without influencing by the operator.

EUR 126.– per day

EUR 2 520.– per month

EUR 30 240.– per year

The alfa-set will be working cost-free for you in less than 6 months!