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Technical information
Max. turning dia. Ø32 mm
Max. turning length (Rotary) 300 mm
Max. turning length (Fixed) 340 mm
Max. turning length (Non guide bush) 80 mm
OD tooling holder 6 pcs
ID tooling holder 5 pcs
Cross live tooling holder 3 pcs
Cross live tooling holder 2 pcs
Face live tooling of sub spindle holder 4 pcs
Sub spindle aside drilling tooling holder 2 pcs
No. of axis controls (with C axis) 7 pcs
C axis control minimum 0.001° degree
Max. main spindle speed 7000 rpm
Max. sub spindle speed 7000 rpm
Rapid traverse of X1/X2/Z1/Z2/Y1 30 M/min
Rapid traverse of Y2 20 M/min
Main spindle motor 11 KW
Sub spindle motor 11 KW
Main spindle cooling Oil cooling pcs
Sub spindle cooling Oil cooling pcs
Main spindle clamping system Hydraulic pcs
Sub spindle clamping system Hydraulic pcs
Cross live tooling motor 1.6 / 6000rpm KW
Face live tooling motor of sub spindle 1.4 / 6000rpm KW
Lubrication tank 2 L
Air compressed pressure 0.6 Mpa
Air compressed flow 20 ~ 145 L/min.
Machine dimension L x W x H 2945 x 1665 x 2130 mm
Coolant tank 380L(100%) L
Weight 4450 KG