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Technical information
Swing over bed 1070 mm
Swing over cross slide 744 mm
Distance between centers 4200 mm
Max. weight of workpiece(Chuck + tailstock) 4000 for 6" spindle bore4500 for 9" spindle bore kg
Max. weight of workpiece(Chuck + tailstock + steady rest) 5000 for 6" spindle bore5500 for 9" spindle bore kg
X axis 589 mm
Z axis 4000 mm
Speed range (3 steps) H1:151-750 H2:111-560 M1:31-150 M2:21-110 L1:6-30 L2:4-20 rpm
Spindle nose A2-11 / A2-15 (opt.)
Spindle hole diameter Ø155 (6") / Ø230 (9") (opt.) mm
Servo motor 22 / 33 kW
Turret (Opt.)
Number of tool stations 4T / 8T
Tool shank 40x40 / 32x32 mm
Feed Rate
X axis rapid traverse 5 m/min.
Z axis rapid traverse 6 m/min.
Width of bed 610 mm
Cross slide guide width 340 mm
Feed Motors
X axis servo motor 23.5 Nm
Z axis servo motor 32 Nm
Ball Screw
X axis (Dia. x pitch) Ø40 x 8 mm
Z axis (Dia. x pitch) Ø80 x 16 mm
Quill stroke 300 mm
Quill diameter Ø165 mm
Quill inside taper 6 MT
Pump motor 0.96 (50HZ) / 1.34 (60HZ) HP
Pump capacity min. 35 / max. 130 L/min.
Pump pressure 4.3 (50HZ) / 6 (60HZ) bar
Pump motor 12 w
Pump capacity 6 cc/time
Weight and Dimensions
Net weight 14000 kg
Gross weight 14840 kg
Packing size 6950x2300x2450 mm